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Rates and process

Host your own Site (Business and Non-Business client) 
We will create your site and then transfer to you all the files needed for you to upload and manage your site.  We will provide our clients with a “Hard-copy” of their site on a CD.  Once the site is completed, approved in writing and handed off we relinquish all responsibility for your site.  With one small stipulation, you will have the rights and own all the content but a link to us must remain on the site.

Bee on the WWW Hosting (Business or Non-Business)
We will keep a backup of their site on file as well as offer monthly hosting and maintenance. (see below for rates)


  • One page basic “information” website – $250.00
  • Each additional page -  $25.00
  • Domain Registration - $12.00

Maintenance for hosted sites
If you are on our hosting plan and you have any changes that need to be made on your site on a weekly or monthly basis this will fall under our monthly maintenance plan.  If you have an update that is needed and only occasionally, then it will be a flat rate per occurrence. Please note, there are no contracts.  If you choose not to have us host or maintain your site, we will simply remove your site from our hosting and cancel your maintenance.  When this happens, we will send you via USPS a hard copy of your website files as well as via email with all your domain name information and passwords.  You will then be able to obtain your own hosting plan and maintain your own site.  A domain name transfer will be required. We recommend GoDaddy. 

Keep in mind, a link and screenshot of your site will be place on our website portfolio page.  Think of it as “FREE” advertising :)

  • Hosting NO maintenance – $7.00 per month (We will host your site on our server)
  • Hosting and weekly or monthly maintenance - $65.00 monthly
  • Single occurrence flat rate website update - $25.00 (Billed at update completion)